Adelaide Dinner Menu

Asset 22 Dinner

A la Carte

We are delighted to offer you our delicious selection of menu items that will be sure to take your taste buds on a culinary journey through the streets of Argentina.
Available 7 days, 5pm to 9pm


- entree -

  • Fresh Oyster GF, DF 28 / 55

    Chorizo crisp, romesco, herb oil (1/2 doz or full dozen)

  • Salchichas Parrilleras, GF 24

    Wagyu beef, pork, and lamb sausages

  • Empanada Sampler 18

    Beef and capsicum, ham & cheese and sweetcorn

  • Atún al Ajillo 28

    Port Lincoln Bluefin Tuna in garlic and chili oil

  • Wood Fire Grilled SA King Prawns GF, DF 25

    with salsa verde

  • Fugazza VE 17

    Mozzarella cheese, caramelized onion, semi-dried tomato


- Sides & Salads -

  • Fried Brocolini VE 17

    with shaved parmesan and chimichurri hollandaise

  • Rosemary Chips DF, VE, VG 13
  • Sweet Potato Chips DF, VE, VG 13

    with cumin salt

  • Roasted Butternut Squash GF, N, VE 15

    with smoked ricotta, hazelnut and citrus dressing

  • Mixed Salad GF, N, VE, VEO 14

    Celery, green apple, mixed lettuce, walnut and buttermilk dressing

  • Crispy Baby Chat Potatoes DF, VE, VG 15

    with salsa verde


- Grill -

All steaks served with house made chimichurri and pumpkin puree

  • Entraña / Skirt Steak GF, DF 45

    250G | MB 3 | Ranger Valley Black Onyx

  • Ojo de Bife / Scotch Fillet GF, DF 59

    370G | MB 3 | Kerwee Black Angus

  • Lomo / Eye Fillet GF, DF 55

    230G | MB 3 | Black Tie Black Angus

  • Cuadril / Wagyu Rump GF, DF 58

    300G | MB 7 | Rager Valley Full Blood Wagyu

  • Tira de Asado / Short Rib GF, DF, N 58

    450G | Ranger Valley Black Onyx

  • Chuletas de Cerdo / Pork Chop GF, DF 48

    Bangalow sweet pork chop with salsa verde

  • Costillas de Cerdo / Pork Ribs GF, DF 47

    Twice cooked American pork ribs with mojo

  • Pescado del Día 44

    Fish of The Day


- Fire Pit -

  • Surf and Turf Platter (Serves 2) GF, DF 120

    Featuring free range signature beef asado, lamb asado, pork belly asado and South Australian barramundi, sous vide grilled squid, green tiger prawn with house made chimichurri sauce

  • Butcher’s Selection (Serves 2) GF, DF 110

    Free range pork belly asado, lamb asado, beef asado, traditional pork sausage, saltbush lamb sausage and grilled chicken served with house made chimichurri sauce

  • The Great Asador Plate (Serves 2) N 110

    Free range pork belly asado, lamb asado, beef asado, served with house made chimichurri, mojo, mole, grilled pita bread and antipasto pickled salad

  • Lamb Shoulder Asado (Serves 1) GF 58

    8 hour slow cooked 350G lamb shoulder served with salsa criolla

  • Wagyu Beef Brisket Asado sliders (4 pcs) 45

    with spicy aioli and pickled onions

Dry Aged

- In House -

  • 42 Dry Aged Chuletón GF, DF 280

    2KG | Ranger Valley Black Onyx

  • 42 Days Dry Aged Bife de Chorizo GF, DF 80

    450G | Bone-in Sirloin | Ranger Valley Black Onyx

Premium Wagyu

- Selections -

  • Wagyu Tomahawk GF, DF 360

    2KG | MB 7 | Serves 3 - 4 | Kerwee Full Blood Wagyu

  • Wagyu Lomo / Eye Fillet GF, DF 180

    500G | MB 7 | Serves 1 - 2 | Kerwee Full Blood Wagyu

  • Wagyu Porterhouse GF, DF 150

    400G | MB 7 | Serves 1 - 2 | Ranger Valley

  • Wagyu Beef Burger 48

    with truffle aioli, melted provolone and pickled red onions. 300G | MB 7 | Serves 1


- Seafood Selection -

  • Pescado del día (Fish of the Day) DF, GF 44

    with broccolini, pumpkin puree and salsa verde

  • Grilled Whole Squid and SA King Prawns DF, GF 55

    with pumpkin puree and salsa verde


- Vegetarian -

  • Vegetarian Burger VE 38

    Grilled mushroom, pumpkin and haloumi cheese

  • Gnocchi VE 36

    with spinach, artichoke, button mushrooms and provolone cheese

  • Grilled Giant Mushroom GF, VG 36

    with smoked eggplant, ancient grains and broccolini


- Desserts -

  • Churros 17

    with dulce de leche

  • Wagyu Fat Berlina N 18

    with dark chocolate sauce, honey and vanilla bean gelato

  • Chocolate Volcano N 20

    with salted hazelnut praline, chocolate gelato and Frangelico cream

  • Flan N 15

    with dulce de leche and salted almond crumbs

Asset 22 Dinner

Kids Menu

We have a variety of fun and delicious dishes that your little ones will love.

$5 upgrade


- Meals -

All kids meals served with chunky rosemary chips and fresh garden salad.

  • Argentinean Chicken Thigh GF 15
  • Crispy Battered Flathead 15
  • Grilled Skirt Steak GF 15
  • Lamb Or Pork Homemade Sausage GF 15

- Drinks -

  • Soft Drinks 4.5

    Juice, Sprite, Dry Ginger Ale, Lemon Squash, Coke, Coke Zero

  • Mocktails 10

    Traffic Light, Tutti Frutti, Mudshake, Bubbacino (no coffee!)

  • Milkshakes 4.5

    Assorted flavours

Dietary Info

GF Gluten Free, DF Dairy Free, N contains nuts, VE Vegetarian, VEO vegetarian Option, VG Vegan
If you have any special dietary requests, please speak to the La Boca Bar and Grill Staff for further details on menu items options.


No split accounts. Please note all credit card payments attract a surcharge. Visa, Mastercard and AMEX 1.44%. Diners Club 3.44%. Public holiday surcharge 15%.

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